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1st Give Back Day

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On the 6th of March, in celebration of Ghana’s 64th Independence Day, we launched our first-ever community outreach at the Osu Correctional Center. The third pillar of Sorted Chale is Charity. We are fulfilling this through our support of this facility, which houses missing and abused children and young boys and girls on remand - the only venue in Ghana providing this service to young people on remand.


During the outreach, we hosted an entrepreneurial session with the kids and a donation of up to $5000 in items such as food, toiletries and many more. The entrepreneurial session is part of a series of four sessions, held in each of the four quarters of the year, to inspire and nurture these to become change-makers in their generation. For an hour and 30 minutes, we engaged the children in defining who an entrepreneur was, identifying their why and organized a short activity on problem solving. Our wonderful speakers on the day were from our community of chales: Del Titus Bawuah, Elaina Watley, Samuel Owusu, Awo Tsumasi and Dan Cates. Each speaker left the outreach feeling fulfilled and the kids with their ambitions higher than life.


Want to join our next session as a volunteer in August? Reach out to us at

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