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2nd Give Back Day

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“Do we have a winner?”

The open space reverberated with a mix of yes and nos from eager children who wanted their group to win in the presentation stage of the session. The presentations, where a group of children were selected from three major groups, culminated roughly two hours of engagement with the children at the Osu Correctional Centre.


On the 26th of August, we hosted our second community outreach at the Osu Correctional Centre, aligned with the third pillar of our company, charity. This session was an entrepreneurial session where 30 kids were taught on idea and product development, customer base identification and goal setting, which are fundamental to starting a business. Our three excellent speakers delivered the entrepreneurial content; Ms Azline Nelson, CEO of Anima Iris, Mr Fred Deegbe, CEO of Heel the World and Mrs Maame Kumiwaa Attafuah, CEO of Cheery baby. Each of these speakers brought their experience as entrepreneurs in Ghana and succeeded in inspiring and empowering these young girls and boys. Their engagement and the calibre of questions they asked concerning business decisions during the business simulation activity showed how enlightened they were by this session.


Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, and we believe that as we keep educating these youth, we will enable them to change the world with their ideas.


Want to join our next session in August? Reach out to us at

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