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Sorted Chale December Lead

Start Date

Dec '21


Accra Ghana

Reports To

Sorted Chale Business leads (CEO and COO)

Key Relationships

Sorted Chale Reps and Sorted Chale Business Leads


December Seasonal Role


$500 weekly


Open for Applications | Closing date: 15th October 2021

Purpose of this Role

The December Lead role is responsible for the enjoyment and organisation of our groups! In this role you have the opportunity to make a big impact on how others view their experiences in Ghana at the peak of the travel season! This role is guaranteed to catapult your experience in Ghana to a higher level!

Your Responsibilities

  • Accountable for the work activities of Sorted Chale Reps

  • Is in charge of vendor coordination, this involves vendor payments and vendor management (e.g. ensuring venues are prepared for our arrival, ensuring that hotel rooms are clean)

  • Creating coordination plans for our December groups

  • Main point of contact for all vendors required for the Sorted Chale December Trips

  • Ensures that all Sorted Chale Reps are aligned with what is required to be achieved before and during the trip.

  • Directly answerable to Sorted Chale Business leads on trip coordination

  • Leads daily rep meetings to ensure that everyone is familiar with the plan and itinerary for the day

  • Takes initiative and has a keen awareness for contingency planning when the need arise

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